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Anglicare North Coast promotes dignity and fulfilling lives for all by offering services such as housing, food and bill assistance, financial, cultural and social wellbeing, and disaster recovery.

Financial Counselling

People may experience sudden changes in their lives affecting their financial situation and security. A job loss, a downturn in business, an accident, illness or loss of a loved one, a relationship breakdown, or being the victim of fraud, other crime, or a natural disaster can have serious financial implications.

For other people, financial problems may be more chronic: high debt, multiple creditors, or addictions may get in the way of stable finances.

In all these situations, our Financial Counsellors can help.

Gambling can contribute to financial stress. If you or someone you care about is running into trouble with gambling, we can also help. 

Further information and online resources are available here:

  • FREE Financial Counselling from a Financial Counsellor accredited with the Financial Counselling Association of NSW (FCAN).

(NB – accredited Financial Counsellors receive ongoing training and supervision)

Anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties can access our service.

The service is available by appointment only. Please call our Grafton office on 02 6643 4844 to make an appointment.
  • Financial Counsellors provide a free service for people having money problems, in particular debts.
  • Financial Counsellors don’t tell you what to do but they do help you identify the options available.
  • Financial Counsellors can offer support when you decide what to do.
  • Financial Counsellors help you understand what will happen once you’ve made your decision.
  • Financial counsellors act independently and without conflict of interest as they don’t receive money from any financial institutions.
  • Your rights regarding debt and debt collection.
  • Assessing your financial situation and your options.
  • How to talk to your creditors.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Credit laws and practices.
  • Give information on investments.
  • Recommend sources of credit.
  • Do Tax Returns.
  • Help you to get extra credit.
  • Give out charitable assistance.
  • Tell you what to do.
This service is funded by the:
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“Sometimes we learn together in a classroom or community, sometimes in a pool or on a bicycle, sometimes we work in the garden together, and most importantly, we have fun.”

Next Level

Next Level: Explore, Engage, Equip

NEXT LEVEL brings together culture, identity and engagement to promote strength, well-being and optimism for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community of Coffs Harbour.

NEXT LEVEL launched as a pilot program in September 2021, it builds on Anglicare’s preceding work addressing priorities under the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022 in our 3E’s to Freedom program. Trained staff work under the premise of an ‘Empowering Practices’ model developed from the key learnings and insights gained over four years of listening to the voices of women, to the Next Level.

Using the evidence-based outcomes and learnings from the 3E’s to Freedom program, this new program offers group work in conjunction with individual support to CALD women and men. Activities are tailored to enhance protective factors including positive attitudes, values and beliefs, good mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

NEXT LEVEL in Action: The Yezidi people, a religious minority predominately residing in Northern Syria and Northern Iraq, have faced persecution for generations. Due to the persecution by the Islamic State militants, a significant number of Yezidis were forced to leave their homes from 2014. Many have now been granted humanitarian visas and resettled in Australia, particularly in regional New South Wales.

Yezidi society is steeped in the oral tradition of songs and storytelling, with the transfer of beliefs being carried out orally from generation to generation by holy men. The below collaboration is a poignant reminder of the significant role our cultural heritage plays in shaping our values, beliefs, and attitudes towards societal issues. Through such initiatives, we can work towards creating a violence-free society.

A Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy Funded by:
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Community Housing

About our Community Housing

Anglicare North Coast is a well established and very experienced Community Housing Provider. Community Housing is for people who are eligible for public housing because of their low household income. Anglicare North Coast Community Housing provides affordable, secure and well maintained tenancies to households in the Clarence Valley and Tweed. A household can be a single adult, a couple, two or more related or unrelated people sharing, or a family.

All of the properties we manage are very well maintained. We employ a Maintenance Officer to do ‘handyman’ type jobs and also have good relationships with a range of other trades people. All maintenance is attended to promptly. As a Community Housing provider, we do not discriminate against anyone or give preferential treatment on the basis of religion, marital status, gender, ethnicity, age, or for any other reason. In all our program areas, we uphold the values of our organisation. Community Housing tenants can be assured that we will demonstrate respect, compassion, fairness, integrity and inclusiveness.

How to access our Community Housing

To be eligible for Anglicare North Coast Community Housing you must first be registered with Housing NSW.

You can lodge your application online or apply by phone on 1800 422 322.

After confirming your eligibility with Housing NSW, you can apply for Anglicare North Coast Community Housing

by downloading the application form and following the instructions.

We do not offer crisis housing or temporary accommodation. 

To assist people experiencing homelessness:

Information For Community Housing Tenants

Food Pantry

Anglicare North Coast’s Mobile Pantry van provides grocery and fresh food items at very low cost to help stretch your budget further. The Mobile Pantry is run in partnership with communities and visits each location on a monthly basis.  Purchases can be made by cash or EFTPOS.

We are also introducing a membership system – no payment required for membership and you just need to complete a basic information form.  You will then be issued with your own QR code and using our pantry will be quick and easy.

We also have a pantry at 72 Pound Street, Grafton which is open Monday to Thursday 10am-2pm. 



Stuart Street (behind the bus stop)


3rd Wednesday of the month, 10.30am-12pm

Dates in 2024


Christ Church, 48 Coramba St, Glenreagh


1st Thursday of the month, 10.30am-12pm

Dates in 2024


Anglican Church, 53 Straight St, Hat Head


2nd Tuesday of the month, 12.30-1.30pm

Dates in 2024


Nymboida Community Hall, Nymboida


2nd Wednesday of the month, 10.30am-12pm

Dates in 2024


Rappville Sports Oval/Showground, Rappville


2nd Thursday of the month, 11am-12.30pm

Dates in 2024


All Saints Anglican Church, Stuart’s Point


2nd Tuesday of the month, 10.00-11.00am

Dates in 2024


St Mark’s Anglican Church, Urbenville


1st Tuesday of the month, 12-1.30pm

Dates in 2024


St Margaret’s Anglican Church, Wooli


4th Wednesday of the month, 11am-12.30pm (except December)

Dates in 2024

Disaster Recovery Program

Under the terms of the NSW state disaster plan, Anglicare has a designated role to play in assisting Community Services staff, and other volunteer agencies in the operation of Evacuation or Recovery centres, should they be required. In order to be prepared to be of real help following a natural or man-made disaster, volunteers are required to undertake a full day training course, to become Disaster Recovery accredited. In this way Anglicare Disaster Recovery teams have been established at 12 locations up and down the region each with a Team Leader. Our Regional Disaster Recovery Coordinator, based in the Maclean office, coordinates the training, administration and activity (in times of activation) of teams.

Anyone over 18, with a heart for helping people and prepared to work under the Anglicare umbrella, can train to be a Disaster Recovery volunteer. Training courses are free to attend, with costs recoverable from the state government, and are regularly scheduled, rotating up and down the diocese.

Our ‘General Support’ role underpins the other Community Partners. The work we are asked to do can range from assisting Red Cross volunteers to register victims, to assisting The Salvation Army to feed people, and much more in between. Team Leaders are often part of Local Emergency Management committees and network with the other agencies involved – Red Cross, Salvation Army and The Chaplaincy Network. In addition Anglicare also has a new role – to provide Material Aid to disaster victims, when required, as part of the support offered to victims accessing an evacuation centre.

Post-Disaster Catastrophe

Disaster Recovery Training

To Be Advised

Details of venue, and other requirements, will be given on registration. Reimbursement of travel costs is available, to those attending from other locations.

Contact Details

If you would like to find out more about Anglicare North Coast Disaster Recovery Training in your area, please contact:
Phone: (02) 6645 1244 or: 0429 329 777 Email: