Anglicare North Coast Newsletter – 2023 May

Dear Christine,

As we approach the end of Financial Year many of you may be considering making charitable donations. We are forever grateful for the funds that have been received to assist with the ongoing flood disaster recovery in our footprint and we continue to work in that space. We are still seeing community members impacted by the 2022 floods coming forward for assistance for the first time as their personal resources have been exhausted and the progress made minimal. Many people continue to fall through the legislative cracks in terms of being able to access government funding to rebuild or relocate.

But as the cost of living increases and the housing crisis intensifies, we are seeing increased need for our day to day services across all programs, Community Housing, Financial Counselling, Emergency Relief and our Multicultural Hub. Families who would typically not need our services are finding that they are struggling to make ends meet, some travelling over an hour to access our mobile food pantry, as despite the cost of fuel, the trip is still worthwhile as they try to keep food on the table for their families. Government funding for these programs has not increased since inception so our ability to meet the growing need is decreasing. We continue to innovate and collaborate with other support agencies in an effort to make sure that we are all making the best use of our funds to serve our communities.

Recently we put together a short video for Anglicare Sunday in the Grafton Diocese please take the time to watch it to get a sense of the work we do every day in our community -

If you would like to donate now or set up a recurring donation please go to the donation page on our website.

Mark McNamara