2021 Flood Disaster Assistance

Payments under the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment program for parts of our Diocese have been triggered. If you have been impacted by the current floods please use this link NSW Storms and Floods: 10 March 2021 onwards ( to find out whether you are eligible for assistance.

From The Voices Of CALD Women – Report

For many years, Anglicare North Coast has supported women from refugee and migrant backgrounds, to settle and feel safe in Australia. In recent years, our focus has been on domestic violence prevention with an emphasis on empowerment of women. This study captures and builds on that work, exploring key issues relating to Domestic and Family […]

3E’s to Freedom

Our 3E’s to Freedom Program Education Employment Empowerment Video: Do You See All of Me The 3Es program empowers refugee and migrant women to successfully navigate their futures. We do this by developing confidence, building knowledge and broadening women’s experiences to become stronger, through their connections to community. The program was recognised nationally in […]