Who We Are



Anglicare North Coast was established in 1999 as the social justice and welfare arm of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, in recognition of the need for a professional, practical, and caring Christian ministry in the Diocese. Anglicare North Coast seeks to build and maintain partnerships with Ministry Units of the Diocese.

Since its inception, Anglicare North Coast has delivered a wide range of caring services to those in need across the north coast of NSW, seeking to operate prudently in order to remain as a viable and sustainable organisation for the long term future. Anglicare North Coast is a member of Anglicare Australia, a network of 36 agencies from across Australia, as well as associate members in New Zealand, Singapore and Papua New Guinea.


Key Areas Of Focus

Safe And Affordable Homes

Enhancing opportunities for people in our region to have access to safe and affordable homes

Independence, Dignity and Diversity

Enabling our clients to gain independence and dignity, whilst maintaining their individual and cultural diversity

Human Resource Management

High quality Human Resource Management.

Governance, Compliance and Risk Management

Improving our effectiveness through excellence in our Governance, Compliance and Risk Management practices.

Organisational Strength, Identity and Longevity

Build organisational strength and our identity as a key agency in the region in order to sustain organisational longevity

Our History

From its very earliest days, the Anglican Church in Australia has provided care for the society in which we live by working for structural change in the circumstances which have disadvantaged particular groups, and through the provision of material aid to those in need. Over the years this led to a proliferation of agencies which sometimes duplicated the work done by others, and produced a climate of competition for supporters. Without wishing to diminish the autonomy of these agencies or negate the good work done by them, it became desirable to consolidate them under the one banner which could be instantly recognizable as the ‘Anglican Church at Work.’

And so Anglicare Australia was born. This is the national body which represents – in a public sense – many different Anglican agencies across Australia. Many diocese have established their own agency which represents the interests of the local community. These individual agencies work for the relief of the poor, frail and disenfranchised members of our society. Anglicare North Coast was established in the Diocese of Grafton by an Ordinance of Synod in 1999. Anglicare North Coast has grown from a very small, volunteer managed organisation through various stages of development to the professional, highly regarded organisation that it now is. 


Leadership Team

Mark McNamara


Leslie Grant

Lesley Grant


Christine Eastment

Christine Eastment

Administration Coordinator

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Kylie Wruck



Governing Board

Our Board is responsible for the governance of our organisation, with particular attention being paid to the monitoring of finances, quality and risk and the establishment and achievement of strategic directions and goals. We operate in accordance with a documented governance framework, including an Ordinance of Incorporation, Code of Conduct and an extensive range of governance policies and procedures, covering matters such as conflicts of interest, conduct of meetings and appointment and removal of Board members.


Ms Anne Bryce

Anne Bryce is a distinguished executive leader with over 25 years in the disability, aged care, and community sectors, and she is celebrated for her transformative leadership as CEO of Achieve Australia. Under her stewardship from 2003 to 2018, she expanded the organisation from a budget of $4 million to nearly $90 million, integrating it deeply within the community and establishing it as a significant provider. Anne’s career began in front-line service delivery, grounding her executive approach in practical, operational realities, which have informed her strategic and visionary leadership. Her tenure at Life Without Barriers as Strategic Lead for Disability Housing further highlights her capability to align organisational goals with robust strategic directions, particularly under the evolving dynamics of the NDIS. Anne’s leadership is marked by her adeptness at managing complex service devolutions and spearheading significant policy reforms at both state and national levels. A Stanford and Harvard executive program alum, she is committed to ethical leadership and sustainable practices that enhance service quality and community integration. Anne’s influence extends across industry and government, making her a pivotal figure in policy development and community service excellence.

Dr Liesa Clague

Dr. Liesa Clague, a lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, is an esteemed academic and health professional with deep roots in Indigenous health education. With connections to the Yaegl Traditional people and Celtic Manx ancestry, she passionately integrates her heritage into her work, focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in the health sciences curriculum. Dr. Clague’s career spans roles at the University of Newcastle and the University of Sydney, where she championed cultural safety and contributed to significant otitis media research. Previously, she has developed culturally tailored health workshops and resources, notably in sexual and reproductive health for Aboriginal communities. A passionate gardener of bushfoods, her work extends beyond academia to include practical health promotion and community engagement. Dr. Clague’s publications and leadership in curriculum development reflect her commitment to enhancing health services for Indigenous Australians, solidifying her role as a crucial voice in educational and community health sectors.

Reverend Greg March

Ordained in 1990, The Reverend Gregory John March has extensively served the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, notably as Rector of Kingscliff and Archdeacon of Moreton. His leadership extends beyond parish management to significant educational and mission-oriented roles, including Director of Cannon Hill Anglican College and the Anglican Board of Mission. Reverend March is recognised for his adept conflict management and strategic transitions within the church, significantly influencing parish development and spirituality. His contributions have shaped various diocesan committees and national church initiatives, making him a respected figure in fostering community and spiritual growth.

Mr Michael Flanderka

Michael Flanderka is the CEO and founder of Data Interactive, a niche technology advisory firm specialising in automation to enhance business productivity. With over 20 years in professional services, including significant roles at PwC and on National Tax Committees, Michael has leveraged his expertise to establish his firm as a leader in Digital Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation. His business-led approach to technology solutions has made him a sought-after speaker at national conferences and a trusted consultant to major organisations like Aurizon Group and Brisbane City Council.

Ms Anne Marie Troutman

Anne Marie Troutman is an accomplished management consultant and former executive with a robust background in strategic planning and organisational transformation across government, industry, and not-for-profit sectors. With undergraduate degrees in Arts and Social Work and postgraduate qualifications in Business and Management, her career has spanned significant roles with global firms like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and IBM Consulting Services. Her expertise in change management is highlighted by her leadership in substantial projects, such as the transformative back-office restructuring at Barclays Bank and strategic overhauls in health and public sector governance. Anne Marie has also made significant contributions to community and educational organisations, including serving on the Anglican Schools Commission and the Professional Standards Board of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton. A former officer in the Royal Australian Air Force Reserve, she brings a strategic, well-rounded perspective to senior decision-making bodies, adept at navigating complex challenges and leading with financial acumen and ethical governance. Her dedication to social advocacy is reflected in her roles on national committees addressing violence against women and providing strategic community support.

Reverend Constantine Osuchukwu

Constantine Osuchukwu is the Chaplain at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School and a passionate advocate for social justice with a rich pastoral and community engagement background. Ordained in 2008, he has significantly contributed as a parish priest in Victoria and as a chaplain across various communities. Constantine holds a Master of Counselling and a Graduate Diploma in Community Development from Southern Cross University, skills that he applies in his extensive community work. Notably, he co-founded the One Humanity Shower Bus Inc., bringing dignity to the homeless in Ballarat since 2016. He has also chaired the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council and is the current Vice President of the Ballarat African Association, actively promoting integration and support for migrants and refugees. His international efforts include setting up a microfinance bank in Kenya to aid disadvantaged young mothers. Constantine’s commitment to his community and advocacy for the marginalised showcase his dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment in all his pastoral roles.

Mr Mark Fenton

Mark Fenton is a seasoned finance executive with over 25 years of leadership experience across not-for-profit and for-profit sectors, including disability, aged care, retail, and professional services. Holding an MBA from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Business from Southern Cross University, Mark is a Non-Executive Director at McLean Care Ltd and a Patricia MacDonald Memorial Foundation Trustee. His extensive board experience is complemented by his strategic financial roles, where he has led significant transformations and enhanced governance practices. Mark’s leadership has been recognised with several accolades, including the naming of ‘Fenton Village’ in his honour at John Paul College and the Australian Defence Medal for his military service.

Our Region

Anglicare North Coast is located in the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, with a geographical domain extending over 50,000 square kilometres from Tweed Heads in far northern NSW to Port Macquarie / Wauchope in the south. Major centres in the region include Tweed Heads, Lismore, Ballina, Casino, Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and Port Macquarie.

According to the 2016 census there are more than 560,000 people living in our region. Many of these people are disadvantaged compared to people in other parts of Australia. For example: average household incomes are significantly lower, unemployment levels are higher and there is a critical lack of affordable housing.



Fairness   Respect   Integrity
Compassion     Inclusiveness

Our Values

Our Values

Our Mission

Reaching Out for Help

Anglicare North Coast provides caring services to those in need.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a community where there is love, peace, justice, reconciliation and dignity for all.

Happy Child

Our vision is for a community where there is love, peace, justice, reconciliation and dignity for all.

Our Vision

Annual Report

Annual Report 22-23