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From its very earliest days, the Anglican Church in Australia has provided care for the society in which it has lived by working for change in government policies which have disadvantaged particular groups, and the provision of material aid to those in need.

Over the years this led to a proliferation of agencies which sometimes duplicated the work done by others, and produced a climate of competition for supporters.
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Mission + Vision

Our Mission

Reaching Out for Help

Anglicare North Coast provides caring services to those in need.


Our Vision

Happy Child

Our vision is for a community where there is love, peace, justice, reconciliation and dignity for all.

Anglicare north coast

2023-25 Strategic Plan



Fairness. Respect. Integrity. Compassion. Inclusiveness.

Our Services

Community Housing

Promoting Safe Families

Emergency Relief

Financial Counselling & Advice

Mobile Food Pantry

Disaster Recovery Program

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Grafton (Head office)

72 Pound Street (PO Box 401)
Grafton NSW 2460

Coffs Harbour

59–61 Grafton Street Coffs
Harbour NSW 2450


5 Wharf Street
Maclean NSW 2463

North coast, NSW

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"Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

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Bishop Murray Harvey

We are part of an extensive network of Anglican infrastructure, such as Anglicare Australia, a network of 43 agencies from across Australia, as well as the 28 Anglican parishes and 5 Anglican schools located in the Diocese of Grafton. These networks provide us with access to information, advocacy opportunities, resources and a significant amount of expertise.

We also have substantial active links to a range of critical support services including health, education and training organisations, housing and other social support mechanisms. To this end a framework of formal agreements with other service agencies is in place.

We have a particularly sound understanding of the nature of local communities and the different community dynamics within the region and we are a key player in a number of local and regional forums concerned with the provision of social and community services.